With 10+ years as Canadian e-commerce leaders,
we know what users expect from their shopping experience.

We make customer service one of our core competencies.

Changing Expectations

For too long Reward Program members have been enduring a sub-par shopping experience in the way of service, selection, ease of use, and ship times. Today's customers expect great shopping experiences with no exception. Engentive provides your members with a modern, simple, and surprisingly pleasant shopping experience.


Every Customer is different. Every Client is our Customer.

We know that your business is unique ; however your Reward Program must also be a unique reflection of your business. Engentive puts you in charge of everything that makes you different. From marketplace customizations and design to product selection, pricing and marketing.

Customer satisfaction is not a privilege - it's a choice.

We believe that amazing customer service is not a privilege; it's a choice. It's a choice we make to "wow" our customers with every single thing we do. It's also a choice our customers make when deciding to do business with us. Everything we do begins and ends with our obsession to deliver happiness.

Committed to growth and sustainability.

Not only our growth, but yours too! We have solemnly committed to running our business honestly, transparently, and with a clear focus on providing a growing and thriving work environment. This means we care about things like company culture, core values, and sustainability practices.

Engentive is "people-powered"

Developed from the ground up to provide solutions which serve & empower an entire industry, Engentive is part of KLF Media inc.

With so much of today's marketplace being driven by innovation; success at KLF is certainly led by our expertise in technology, logistics, and real-time operational analytics, however our commitment to excellence and customer service is what sets us apart. We believe it's our competitive advantage.

From rewards and loyalty program fulfillment, to eCommerce platform development, marketing, and administration -KLF continues to build on its rich portfolio of enterprise-level solutions.

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